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Our primary purpose is to help build long term partnerships with our U.S clients, and to tailor-make solutions that best serve each client’s needs, while preserving each organization’s image while fostering its mission.

Red Sea Timber Industries (RSTI) first started its operation as a timber processing plant in Aqaba, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the year 2001.

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Architectural Plywood

We manufacture high-quality veneer plywood and custom wood veneer panels for beautiful interiors. Each panel is made to your exact standards. We offer more than one core construction option to best suit your needs

Hardwood Plywood

We’re a proud manufacturer of hardwood plywood unrivaled in quality and environmental responsibility.

We offer a full range of hardwood species in a variety of grades and core options, including exotic veneers.

Our hardwood plywood is environmentally certified and meets the strictest emission requirements in North America.

Structural Plywood

When a construction project requires long-term load carrying and structural performance, there is no stronger and more workable wood product than our structural plywood. Ourstructural plywood is made from a range hardwood timber species, using Type A phenolic adhesive. This makes our plywood perfect for any permanent structural and engineered application you plan to undertake.

Our plywood is manufactured to meet U.S standards, and comes in different stress grades, thicknesses and face veneer qualities for various applications.

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